Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2012

Esprow Releases Nozomi A Platform for Front-to-Back Test Automation of Trading Components

Francesco Lo Conte, Managing Director of Esprow

Francesco Lo Conte, Managing Director of Esprow

Esprow, a provider of Automated Testing Solutions, announced June 12th the release of the Nozomi platform for front-to-back test automation of trading components, particularly in complex and heterogeneous trading environments.

Advanced Testing Solutions
‘Nozomi’ is a protocol-independent and asset-class agnostic testing platform designed to automate functional and regression testing of trading components. It can connect to multiple systems at the same time enabling automated testing of complex business functionality like STP, global order management, DMA, DSA, and pre/post trade checks. It uses a plug-in architecture where new protocols can be easily added enabling test coverage of front, middle and back office systems regardless of their technology and messaging layers. Plug-ins are available for FIX, third-party OMS systems and a range of enterprise service buses like Tibco EMS. Functionality extends across the full testing life-cycle covering test design and deployment, scheduling and running of test packs and tools to store and analyze results.

“Increasing pressure on budgets has spawned a lot of interest for solutions that reduce total cost of ownership of new and legacy trading applications. The problem is compounded by the fast changing trading landscape that forces clients to reconfigure and deploy their applications more frequently than ever before. Change inherently brings risk, even more so within complex trading architectures.

Nozomi helps clients move through their product pipeline faster and with a higher degree of confidence.” said Francesco Lo Conte, Managing Director of Esprow.

“Many of our clients are faced with tighter budgets and reduced resources. What we wanted was to offer a platform solution where they could consolidate the testing process across trading applications, regardless of technologies, protocols and asset classes. With Nozomi we think we have achieved that: because of its modular architecture we can offer a wide range of configurations, from testing simple FIX connectivity all the way to complex enterprise scenarios encompassing interconnected proprietary and third-party systems using open and closed protocols. Nozomi has been well received and we look forward to continue working with our clients on increasing the value of our product offerings.”

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