Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2011

Dow Jones Expands Coverage of Asian Economic Indicators to Support Growth of Algorithmic Trading in FX

Dow Jones is adding 30 economic indicators from Southeast Asia to its Elementized News Feed, a machine-readable news feed for algorithmic traders. A dozen of the indicators have been added over the past month and the remainder will be available by the end of the January. The indicators will originate from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines.

“The rapid adoption of algorithmic trading in FX and increased trading in emerging markets are fueling demand for machine-readable news feeds that offer in-depth coverage of key regions,” said Rob Passarella, vice president of institutional markets at Dow Jones. “This expansion of our Elementized News Feed is another way Dow Jones is responding to FX traders’ needs as currency trading becomes more competitive and sophisticated.”

The new indicators will be available through the Elementized News Feed, an ultra-low-latency feed of economic and corporate data, and Dow Jones Calendar Live, a real-time schedule of corporate and economic events. Calendar Live is available in DJ FX Trader and for integration into client portals and trading platforms.

Algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading in the FX market are expected to grow rapidly. According to the Aite Group, adoption of FX algorithms is projected to grow to more than 25% by 2014, up from 7% in 2010, and high-frequency trading is expected to account for 41% of FX trade volume in 2011, a significant jump from 30% in 2010.

The Dow Jones Elementized News Feed is an ultra-low-latency feed that delivers global economic and corporate data that can be parsed and directly embedded into quantitative analysis models and algorithmic trading programs.

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