Published On: Mon, Nov 14th, 2011

Dot Commodity Launches English Language Commodity Futures Trading Platform

Dot Commodity, Inc., Japan’s largest commodity futures broker by trading volume, clients funds and client accounts, announced November 14 the launch of e-Formula, an advanced proprietary online trading platform that is first among Japanese FCMs to enable users on a single English platform to access commodity futures exchanges in Japan as well as abroad.

The new platform, which was developed in-house by Dot Commodity, gives users access to 54 commodities futures products listed on exchanges such as TOCOM and TGE in Japan, and NYMEX, COMEX, CBOT, ICE and SGX outside of Japan.

The launch today of the English language e-Formula platform follows the launch on October 17, 2011 of the Formula trading platform in Japanese, which offers multi-market domestic and overseas commodity futures trading access via a single Japanese interface.

Jin Funada, president of Dot Commodity, says, “Commodity futures trading is rapidly going global, and our new platform means that any Dot Commodity customer, inside and outside Japan, can confidently access the world’s major commodities exchanges through a single and simple interface. Everyone gets the same professional service, whether they are institutional investors with sophisticated hedging strategies or so-called ‘pajama traders’ like the archetypal Mrs. Watanabe or Mr. Smith. e-Formula is unique, and we see it as an important step in our business development throughout Asia and worldwide.”

e-Formula has been developed amid growing trading volume by both retail and institutional investors both into and outside of Japan, as investors use commodity futures as a business management tool and also as an addition to traditional equity market investment. By using Dot Commodity’s online brokerage service, traders can access 9 exchanges in major markets, including SGX, where Dot Commodity in June 2011 became the first Japanese Futures Commodity company to become a trading member.

Reflecting internationalization and the growth of online commodity futures trading in Japan, exchanges have been enhancing their systems to facilitate accessibility by traders both outside and inside Japan. TOCOM (Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc.), for example, extended its Night Sessions until 4 a.m. in September 2010, and Night Session trading volume has climbed.

Key Formula and e-Formula service details are as follows:
1. Contracts can be made via exchanges in Japan and in international markets from a single screen in English (e-Formula) or Japanese (Formula)
2. Domestic and foreign commodity futures price information (markets, graphs, charts, etc.) are available, updated in real time
3. Spread, box and contingent order capability
4. The platform offers account status integration for all domestic and international transactions, with simple transfer of funds between accounts

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