Published On: Sat, Oct 2nd, 2010

DCE’s Information System Successfully Transferred to Futures Tower

After ample preparation and testing, the DCE’s information system was successfully transferred to the new Futures Tower on September 27th. With the new system online, the DCE’s trading, delivery and clearing services are now being handled in the new office at the Futures Tower, which means that the development of the DCE’s information systems have passed yet another milestone.

Power capacity, communications, space and other aspects of the information system infrastructure at the Futures Tower have been improved. In terms of power, a three-way electrical system connects the Futures Tower to two power substations, and a high-capacity diesel electricity generator and a reliable dual UPS system provide backup. In terms of communications, there are four pipelines running into the Futures Tower, with each telecom operator providing a dual-line connection through different pipelines to ensure system reliability. In terms of space, the server room in the Futures Tower measures nearly 4,000 square meters, allowing sufficient space for expansion as needed in the future.

During its testing phase, the Futures Tower trading system’s peak capacity order processing capacity reached 16,000 orders/sec, while continuous order processing capacity reached 2,000 orders/sec. The new system’s trade processing capacity is four times higher than the DCE’s historical peak. In terms of functionality, the new system supports arbitrage trades, roll-over trades, stop-loss orders, market orders and many other types of trading methods. The system also supports the method of multiple-engine matching by product, as well as fully supports options, market makers, clearing member system and other services. Also, by implementing electronic payments and transfers, electronic delivery processing etc., the system realizes completely electronic services between members, banks, warehouses and the exchange. Finally, the new system features a new generation surveillance system in order to enhance the risk control capabilities of the exchange.

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