Published On: Mon, Jul 26th, 2010

Credit Suisse launches AES Velocity in Singapore

Credit Suisse announced July 26 that it is now able to offer its clients trading Singapore-listed equities Direct Market Access speeds (DMA) of under one millisecond via Advanced Execution Services (AES®) Velocity.

The launch of ultra-low latency DMA in Singapore is another landmark in Credit Suisse’s drive to deliver the benefits of the latest trading technology to clients in Asia Pacific, and reflects the Bank’s focus on electronic trading as part of its client-focused, capital-efficient strategy.

AES® Velocity is achieving latency figures of 265 microseconds in Singapore, says Credit Suisse, a leading algorithmic trading provider globally and in Asia Pacific. This is equivalent to around a quarter
of one thousandth of a second.

Available in Japan since January 2010 and Hong Kong since June 2010, AES® Velocity provides Credit Suisse’s clients with the highest speeds in the market, according to the Bank. Clients with trading engines situated within Credit Suisse’s “racks” to trade stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange via AES® Velocity are able to achieve one-way latency figures of 200 microseconds and 600 microseconds respectively.

Algorithmic trading heavily relies on real-time data. As such, AES® Velocity can result in better performance by enabling Credit Suisse’s strategies to react faster to market conditions. By offering ultra-low latency access, AES® Velocity can help speed-sensitive clients generate positive returns.

AES® Velocity is expected to be available in Australia soon.

“Credit Suisse remains committed to bringing ultra-low latency trading to every viable market in Asia Pacific,” said Hani Shalabi, Head of AES for Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse. “We have built our leadership in global and Asian electronic trading by listening to what our clients need and meeting those needs. Today, it’s important for many of our clients to have ultra-fast direct market access, so we have delivered sub-millisecond trading speeds in three major Asia Pacific markets so far this year.”

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