Published On: Fri, May 20th, 2011

Cable&Wireless Worldwide Provides Direct SGX Connectivity Route Strengthening

Cable&Wireless Worldwide, a leading provider of mission critical communications based in Singapore, has further expanded its Asia-Pacific financial markets network infrastructure with reliable, high speed connectivity to Singapore Exchange (SGX).

“Gaining an advantage in the financial sector has moved beyond milliseconds to microseconds, making fast connections between financial hubs imperative. As a network provider of mission critical communications, we are committed to supporting the financial sector as it moves towards high frequency trading. The expansion into SGX, one of Asia’s key trading hubs, is part of C&W Worldwide’s offering of extremely high-speed, predictable and secure ethernet connections between global financial exchanges,” says Nick Lambert, Managing Director, Global Markets at C&W Worldwide.

“SGX aims to deliver our broad range securities and derivatives products to our customers globally. We are therefore delighted to work with service providers such as Cable&Wireless Worldwide to enable fast and secure connectivity from global financial centers directly to our matching facility in Singapore. This is in line with our strategy to offer the financial community in Asia with global reach,” says Dominic Lim, Vice President and Head of Market Access at SGX.

C&W Worldwide already operates its Points of Presence (POPs) at SGX which provides its financial sector customers with access into the exchange. The newly installed network will further expand C&W Worldwide’s global financial network infrastructure connectivity to key venues across the Asia-Pacific region, positioning the company’s Algorithmic trading network as one of the preferred platforms for traders and provide a secure, high-speed communications solution for inter-regional trading activities.

This connection to SGX will provide C&W Worldwide’s financial services customers with a direct route between the exchange and its trading sites, helping to reduce latency. Low latency connections are an important competitive parameter in today’s trading environment. Essential to high frequency trading, these connections between financial trading hubs enable financial institutions to increase trading volume, gain an edge in price discovery and improve market efficiency.

In 2009, C&W Worldwide signed a Network Connectivity Agreement with SGX that enables the exchange’s financial services customers to gain access to SGX’s securities and derivatives market data. Global financial traders, brokers and investment firms are able to subscribe to SGX’s market data services, namely SGX SecuritiesBook, SGX Securities Market Direct Feed, SGX DerivativesQuote and SGXNews, and receive the information they need in real time via C&W Worldwide’s network.

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