Published On: Wed, Oct 5th, 2011

Bjorn Carlson Vice President Nasdaq OMX Video Interview with AsiaEtrading

Bjorn Carlson VP Nasdaq OMXBjörn Carlson Vice President of Software Architecture at Nasdaq OMX spoke with AsiaEtrading about the exchange matching engine business in Asia, measuring and monitoring matching engine latency, surveillance, exchange competition and market data dissemination.

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Runtime: 21 minutes 32 seconds

Björn Carlson talks about how the exchange matching engine business in Asia has changed in the last five years and what the future holds.
Duration: 2:43

As matching engines approach nanosecond latency Björn Carlson talks about how latency is being monitored, measured and maintained. Also, who is interested in proactive latency measuring and monitoring and why.
Duration: 3:48

Björn Carlson talks about fragmentation and exchange competition and how its going to change the trading landscape in Asia.
Duration: 2:09

Björn Carlson talks about surveillance and managing market structure to prevent Flash Crash type of events.
Duration: 4:52

Björn Carlson talks about managing accurate tick data dissemination and cancel and replace requests.
Duration: 4:04

Björn Carlson talks about the challenges of developing ultra low latency trading platforms.
Duration: 3:59

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