Published On: Sun, Dec 8th, 2013

ASX welcomes Yieldbroker to the Australian Liquidity Centre

David Raper, ASX General Manager, Trading Services

David Raper, ASX General Manager, Trading Services

ASX welcomes Yieldbroker into the ASX Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC). Yieldbroker is an electronic marketplace for institutional investors and banking participants in Australian and New Zealand debt securities and derivatives. It will be the first non-ASX liquidity venue to locate its systems at the ALC.

The ALC is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art data centre that provides cost-efficient, hosting and data centre services to the broad financial market community. The ALC provides the lowest latency access to information services and ASX equity and derivatives trading execution.

The arrangement will enable Yieldbroker to provide customers that are co-located at the ALC with direct, cost-effective connectivity to Yieldbroker markets. Yieldbroker’s Australian customers that are not located at the ALC will be able to connect to Yieldbroker markets by using ASX Net, ASX’s low latency fibre network. International customers of Yieldbroker will connect via ASX Net Global, ASX’s international low latency fibre network.

David Raper, ASX General Manager of Trading Services said: “The arrival of Yieldbroker represents an important milestone for the ASX Australian Liquidity Centre, which will now host the major pools of traded liquidity for both debt and equity markets.

“The ALC is becoming the hub for Australia’s financial markets. By bringing together a broad range of financial services participants under one roof, we are offering our clients the unique ability to access Australia’s largest pools of liquidity and information, with reduced complexity, cost and risk.

“We are pleased that Yieldbroker is joining the fast-growing community of market participants already located at the ALC. These include leading financial institutions, execution venues, market data vendors, and network and trading technology providers,” Mr Raper said.

Richard Swift, CEO of Yieldbroker, said: “Since 1999, Yieldbroker has offered low-cost trading solutions for wholesale participants in the region’s debt and debt derivative markets. We operate a range of specialist execution facilities including Dealer-to-Client markets, interbank markets and the auction platform used for Australian and New Zealand Government debt issuance. We have recently extended our service to include trading in a broader range of product types and our markets now turn over around $100 billion monthly.

“The decision to co-locate at the ALC reaffirms our commitment to servicing the local market by positioning our platform at its technological hub and making participant and partner connectivity simpler, cheaper and faster than ever before.

“The ALC is a growing liquidity pool for our customers. By bringing the community together in a central location, opportunities magnify, performance is evident and everyone benefits,” Mr Swift said.

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