Published On: Sun, Apr 7th, 2013

ASX Removal of Broad Wool (BW) Futures

Effective immediately, ASX has de-listed the Broad Wool (BW) Futures
Contracts from ASX Trade24.

There were no open positions in any of the Settlement Months for the Broad Wool Futures Contract.

Participants should ensure that the Broad Wool (BW) Futures Contracts are removed from any front, middle and back office systems where applicable.
Data vendors should not e that they will no longer receive a feed for the ASX 24 commodity codes BW and are requested to remove these contracts from any list of ASX 24 contracts on their platform.

There is no impact to the Greasy Wool (GW) Futures and Options Contracts, or the Fine Wool (FW) Futures Contracts. Both Greasy Wool and Fine Wool
remain available to trade on ASX Trade24.

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