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ASX July 2011 Trading Statistics

This is a shortened version of ASX’s normal monthly Activity Report. Full-year results for FY11 (the 12-month period ending 30 June 2011), including the 2011 Annual Report, will be released on 18 August 2011.


Listings and capital raisings
• In July 2011 there were 10 new listings, compared to 13 in the prior comparable period (pcp).
• Total listed entities at the end of July 2011 were 2,241, up 2% on the 2,200 of a year ago.
• Total capital raised in July amounted to $3.1 billion, down 18% on the $3.8 billion raised in the pcp. Secondary capital raised in July 2011 amounted to $3.0 billion, a 20% increase on the pcp. A total of $88 million of initial capital was raised in July 2011.

Trading – Cash markets (including equities, interest rates and warrants trades)
• Total cash market trades for July 2011 were 11.8 million, up 10% on the pcp.
• Average daily trades for July 2011 of 562,272 were 15% higher than the pcp.
• Total cash market traded value was $101.4 billion in July 2011, up 4% on the pcp, with a daily average value of $4.8billion, up 9% on the pcp.
• In July 2011 the average value per trade decreased to $8,588, down 6% on the pcp of $9,089. The percentage of traded value crossed decreased to 24% (26% pcp).

Trading – Financial derivatives markets
• Equity derivatives volume (excluding ASX SPI 200) for July 2011 was 13.5 million contracts. Measuring volumes on the prior contract size in order to allow for a meaningful comparison, results in equity derivatives volume (excluding the ASX SPI 200) for June 2011 of 2.3 million contracts. This represents a 46% increase in total volumes compared to the pcp, with a daily average of 110,105 contracts, up 53% on pcp.
• Total futures and options on futures contracts volume (excluding equity derivatives and CFDs) for July 2011 was 10.0 million, up 61% on the pcp, with a notional value of $5.1 trillion. Average daily contracts volume during July of 474,124 was up 69% on the pcp.
• A total of 5,696 ASX CFD trades were transacted in July 2011, comprising a volume of 14.5 million contracts. The total notional value of all CFD trades for July was $201.5 million, a decrease of 47% on the pcp, while the value of CFD open interest at the end of July was $108.1 million, a decrease of 42% on the pcp.

Trading – Energy and agricultural derivatives markets
• A total of 13,116 Australian electricity futures and options contracts were traded in July 2011, down 29% on the pcp. Total open interest was 42,077 contracts at the end of July 2011.
• The ASX grain futures and options market traded 45,476 contracts (909,520 tonnes) during July 2011. Deliveries processed against July 2011 contracts totalled 2,683 lots or 53,660 tonnes. Open interest at the end of July was 132,015 futures contracts, which represents over 2.6 million tonnes.

All on-market trades (equities and derivatives markets) are novated by ASX’s two central counterparty clearing subsidiaries, ASX Clear and ASX Clear (Futures), which act as counterparties to those trades and replace bilateral counterparty exposures.
• Total margins (including additional margins held against stress testing exposures and concentrated large positions) averaged $2.9 billion during July 2011 (including excess cash collateral but excluding equity securities lodged in excess of the margin requirement), with cash margins lodged averaging $2.2 billion.
• There were intraday calls made on five separate days in July 2011 totalling $217.3 million.

ASX Settlement
There were no disruptions to the completion of batch settlement in the equities market during July 2011.
• Total equity settlement delivery fail rates averaged 0.32% per day during July 2011.

Austraclear Settlement
There were no disruptions to the Austraclear settlement sessions during July 2011.
Austraclear securities holdings – period end ($billion) 1,249.0

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