Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2011

ASX 24 Suspends 14 Trading Participants

On 1 November 2011 ASX was advised of the appointment of joint special administrators to MF Global UK Limited (Registered in England No. 1600658). As a consequence of the administrator’s appointment ASX Clear (Futures) declared that an event of Default had occurred under ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rule 71.3 in respect of MF Global UK Limited, a Clearing Participant. MF Global UK Limited’s admission as a Clearing Participant was subsequently suspended.

Further details are set out in ASX 24 notice No. 201/11

The suspension of MF Global UK Limited’s clearing admission means that those ASX 24 Trading Participants that rely on MF Global UK Limited as their Guarantor Clearing Participant must establish alternative clearing arrangements. Pursuant to ASX 24 Operating Rule 5160(b) the admission as an ASX 24 Trading Participant of those affected entities has been suspended immediately.

Pursuant to Rule 5160(b), the Exchange has suspended the following entities’ admission as an ASX 24 Trading Participant:

* Biskra Aotearoa Limited
* Brahman Securities Pty Limited
* Epoch Capital Pty Limited
* GETCO Australia Pty Limited
* GFIN Pty Limited
* MW Markets Pty Limited
* Obmar Pty Limited
* Rouge Homme Futures Pty Limited
* Seacurl Trading Pty Limited
* Sean Taberner Trading Pty Limited
* Silkroad Capital Pty Limited
* S J L Hindsight Securities Pty Limited
* Spectrum Capital Proprietary Limited
* TransMarket Trading Pty Limited

For each of the Trading Participants above the Exchange has removed all of the Trading Messages from the Trading Platform and restricted its Trading Permission.

For each of the Trading Participants the initial period of suspension will be for 30 days commencing immediately. The Exchange may, at its sole discretion, lift the suspension prior to the 30 day period or extend that period if it considers an extension is necessary or desirable.

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