Asia Etrader Magazine Issue Five

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Another year has come and gone and for some of us we are probably grateful. For us it was an interesting year as we began to create this magazine and raise the bar in terms of content for our audience. We are one year old now and one year wiser.

This issue (our biggest yet) will look at the past year and record its highs (mergers and ASEAN) and lows (regulations and liquidity). We also bring to you the abridged results of our first Asia algorithm survey. Some interesting insights to be found within. We held two forums last quarter on the liquidity challenges in Asia and the TSE OSE merger and provide coverage on those. Of course, the magazine wouldn’t be complete without our market structure updates, opinion, analysis and an interview with one of the rising starts of Asia’s electronic trading industry

Issue 5
* Asia Etrading Algorithm Survey 2102
In The Zone
* What Happened Around Asia in Q4 2012
Cover Stories
* Asia Etrading Industry Review – 2012
* Asia’s Liquidity Enigma
Opinion & Analysis
* Trading into Hong Kong close
* Getting with the program
* New currency pairs are making Asian FX trading a hot market
* Asia Futures Trading Recap 2012
* Volatility in Asia 2012
Exchange Spotlight
* TSE and OSE Merger: The Changing Face of Japan
* Taking a chance
Who’s Who
* Kesara Manchusree managing director of the Thailand Futures Exchange
* One year on: Competition in Australia
* Asia’s Fragmentation Footprint 2012
* Asia Equity Trading Recap 2012
Country Focus
* The Philippines: Under the radar
Post Trade
* Over the border OTC rules
Opinion Poll
* Should orders have a mandatory resting period?
* Will 2013 be a better year for Asia’s electronic trading industry?
Word On The Street
* What are your predictions for 2013?
* HKEx launches Hong Kong trading ‘ecosystem’
Holidays and Events

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